Evidence of Sttönknöd

These mutherfukers.  We’ve been hearing about the “forthcoming Sttönknöd album” or single or 7″ or some kind of bullshit for, lets see, 7 years? 8 years?.  That’s cool though.  It’ll probably never  happen.  But you know, we disconnect and apply tenaciousness in the current, world wide, world.  Of the mind.  Meaning…

We know there is at least one or two Sttönknöd quote unquote lost recordings out there.  By lost, we mean there weren’t that many to lose in the first place.  But these two people did record, and they even did a few gigs if the rumors can be trusted.  No shit.  I know I sound like a babbling homeless octomom right now, but this shit is real.  Happened.  Wasn’t half bad.

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Hither Comes Awakening Giants

Vrooom! Vrooom!  Vrooomy Vrooom Vrooom!

Pigeon at the wheel!

Hi!  Well.  Here we are with an update!  It’s been quite some time since the last one, but that’s becuase we don’t put much stock in the “consistency is key” formula.  Here at Lando Frock Recordings we don’t have much use for words unless there is actually something to say.  Speaking of…

The Lovely Savages

These guys have been slowly, methodically, releasing some recorded material… and playing some shows!  It’s a fucking miracle in slow motion progress whatever the hell that means.  The better part of that news is that the stuff they’ve been coming out with has been really damn good – and totally fitting the personality of our little label here.  You can’t get any more “lo-fi/no-budget” than what these guys are doing.  Although I have to say, they’re getting up into “mid-fi” range.  Might have to talk to them about that.  Don’t want to blow our rep!

Anyways, they’ve got some 45s up on bandcamp with a bunch of bonus stuff if you buy.  Not a bad idea for the TLS completist because I know for a fact some of the mixes have changed and the bonus stuff won’t be available once they get around to finishing the whole CD’s worth of goo.

Get some!  music.thelovelysavages.com

Spanky Beaupeep

Wow.  This guy.  We haven’t been sure what to expect from him, but he’s finally let have a scanty listen to what’s coming own the pike.  Near as we can tell, it’s a selection of arranged found sounds.  What I heard was really cool, strange and bizarre.  We here at Lando Frock Recordings definitely go in for the strange and bizarre! That’s about all I can say about it for now.  Yay Spanky!


Not sure what’s going on with these guys.  Clearly Spanky has been doing some shit, but haven’t heard anything on this front.  About 6 months ago we had a cool rough mix of a weird little ditty they were working on.  Then we heard they were completely re-working it.  Then pretty much radio silence.  When I talked to Spanky last about his own shit I asked about STTÖNKNOD.  His response was “Yeah, no, totally.  That shit’s coming.  Had some upheavals.  Not with the project but individually.  Life.  It’s happening though.  Probably be later or so.”  I went ahead and interpreted that to mean after the first of the year.  (fingers crossed.)


That’s the gig!  On other news, we’ll probably be moving the studio to new digs in 2013.  We’ve probably got 3 to 6 months left in our current secret location.  Time to find a new secret location!

Until next time…

-Lando Frock





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Announcing Our Latest Acquisition

Greetings.  It’s our distinct pleasure to announce that we’ve picked up another very swell project:


This is a bit of weirdness conjured up by the collaborative efforts of one Spanky Beaupeep and Swayles McSpoobin.  We really don’t know much about what it sounds like at this juncture.  But, what we DO know about these two individuals was plenty more than enough for us to take the leap.

One day you will know the greatness that is STTÖNKNOD.  Unfortunately, it will not be today.  Perhaps tomorrow.  We can only hope.

– Lando

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Bombs Away…..

Witness To An Explosion?Hi and hello!  Here at The Frock we’ve been blowing stuff up for fun lately.  As we dial in our equipment and space we’re doing a lot of experiments.  One of these involves a new band that I don’t even think has a name yet.  Basically at this point it’s a couple of dudes in a big room drinking beer and brainstorming.  But trust me, there is some cool shit flowing in the room with these guys.

Which reminds me!  You should keep an eye on the Lando Frock Recordings page on SoundCloud.  We put stuff there.  What stuff?  Brainstorm jams and random experiments.  Songs riffs people are working out.  It’s very exciting stuff!  These are raw jams from rehearsals at our secret woodland location by some of the unsavory musician types we tend to associate with.  Sometimes the musicians stop in the middle and mutter to each other and sort things out and then play some more.  Train wrecks are common, but there is always a seed of something kick ass happening.  We use SoundCloud primarily for sharing so that the players can easily listen for gems to polish.  So we don’t leave cuts up very long.  But hey!  You can be a voyeur!   Who knows, maybe you’ll catch and glimpse of something in the process of blowing up!

Visit The Frock and feel free to comment!

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Lets Have Good A Look Around Headquarters Shall We?

Join Lando on a brief walking tour of the Lando Frock Recordings Headquarters compound.

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